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come dine with me

knock off nigel from moore

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I don't usually watch things like that and thought it started tonight. So not wanting to be left out in the conversation I just watched it on catch up TV.


I've never heard of the Geoff bloke before and I thought he was pretty good. I certainly like his way of cooking and his honesty :lol: I might even try making some of his ribs.


The woman who dressed up and wanted to be the centre of attention REALLY got on my nerves. What an annoying idiot.


The other chap and the woman who have obsessions with things being immaculate, in colour/size order, with labels facing out blah blah need help :lol:


Damn I'm going to have to watch them all now to see what the others make and whether anyone slaps the dresser upper :unsure:

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Anyone still watching it then?


As my other half said numerous time as he was forced to watch it 'God Almighty what must people be thinking about the people of Warrington now (sorry 'Warringtonians') ... loud, stupid, argumentative, obsessive, bloody awful accent and slightly thick due to breathing in all the fumes from the power stations they keep showing'.


I wish you could all have seen the look on his face it was sooooo funny :lol:


Maybe he has a point though :wink::lol:


I'm still enjoying watching it though although that may be just because it winds him up :lol:


Poor little cows though and if only they knew :(

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