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Shoe Box Homes


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Seems RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects_have been doing a bit of research.


They have concluded and confirmed that their research has shown that " thousands of cramped houses - shameful shoe-box homes - are being churned out all over the country, depriving households of the space they need to live comfortably and cohesively."


Isn't that stating the blindingly obvious in a way?


The last paragraph of the news article sounds interesting. In reality I can't see it making any difference though as the developers cram as many houses onto development land as they can to line their own pockets, they don't do it to make houses affordable.



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A good example is the expensive houses £500,000 up at Parr's Wood. Went in one for a nosy when they were just finishing them off. Not enough room to swing a cat around.

Quite a number of those were initially occupied by a large number of so called 'sportsmen' who keep their brains in their boots, I would think most of them have now moved on to properties in areas such as Wilmslow.

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Last time I went round a show home I nearly got slung out for upsetting the sales lady.


Was having a quiet wander round when she popped her head round the doorway saying "and as you can see this is the spacious master bedroom" . I was looking round the room and asked her which side the door opened on. She gave me a blank look and I asked her if it opened into the hall or into the bedroom. after a few seconds thought she replied into the bedroom of course.


On the left side or the right. again the blank look. "does it open towards the bed or the wall" "Er I don't know" Neither did I as there were no doors in the whole of the house except for one on the front and the back. it is a little trick they use to make the house look bigger. That and three quarter sized beds in the bedrooms.

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