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Good Golly Miss Molly!


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The person who complained should be prosecuted for being a toga wearing liberal softy...... as for the Police and the CPS, they are an utter waste of time.


My brother in law has just been protesting outside his local plod shop because after being physically assaulted (in front of three witnesses) whilst walking his dog in a park near Kidderminster, the Police and CPS have decided to take no action against the offender..... even though my brother in law had a busted lip etc.....


the guy who did it?.......













Oh, did I not mention he was an off duty copper???

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Good grief.. I can't believe I have just read either of those posts. Madness !


The neighbour clearly has issues which maybe he should look into as if he saying that the little golly is offensive to his Jamacian wife and his mixed raced kids then what is that teaching his kids? It's a stuffed toy for gooness sake.


However.... the grandmother is reported as having a bit of a heated dispute with the family and then the golly appeared.... so maybe she intended to try to offend them.


Anyway.... my auntie makes little hand knitted gollywogs (dolls) and she can't make enough of them as people love them. Many because they remember having them as kids and others just because they really like them, no-one has ever complained about seeing them or them being on sale.


Here's mine and I made him wave to you all but he says he was actually waving to his friends the little meerkats and Miss Ted.



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Dunno obs, but I too always like to keep one handy just on the off chance I'll be able to upset somebody with it: that's a fully rational fantasy you have there, so don't worry.




You have seen the houses that these people live in, haven't you? It's a wonder they can see each others' windows, never mind what's in 'em.

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They both ought to be fined £2500 and then another £2500 for wasting police time and then another £2500 just for being so bloody stupid.


Clearly these people have more money than sense. They’re business people, so in theory they’re not stupid and even if the law is, they know the implications of breaking it.


Book em Danno!


Bill :)

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As far as I know, it isn't illegal to own a gollywog and neither is it illegal to put one in your window. There are no laws prohibiting it. It's all down to the pc brigade again.

If the woman was really offended she shouldn't have looked in her neighbour's window in the first instance. She is not really offended, she is just using it as a weapon to get one over on her neighbour and the stoopid plods are aiding her in doing so by charging the neighbur and bringing the matter to court, wasting time and money. The court should reprimand the police, the cps and the two women concerned and throw the case out! :roll:

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