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Expensive shed or what?


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Don’t know if anyone else heard about the plans to move Rohal Dahl’s shed where he wrote his famous children’s stories to a local museum. The shed‘s just a normal old garden shed and it’s literally falling to pieces, even so, the museum says it’s prepared to pay half a million pounds to have it moved from his garden to the local museum.


They could have my shed for half that price and it’s in much better condition to. :rolleyes:


Bill :)

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I saw that Bill, interesting to say the least, I can fully understand it.

I built my own shed some years ago now. I'm a firm believer in that every man should have his own shed as a place of worship as a last redoubt. Nipping out tonight to see a man about a gas bottle (I've already got a dog).

Hopefully he is going to make me a wood burning stove out of it.


Here we go. I like the lizzard design that he welded onto the side of it.






Not bad for something that was fished out of a ditch is it? This is the photo he sent me. And as soon as I've got it fixed up in me shed, I'll show you who can write fairy stories. :D

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Absolute madness and to be honest I don't think the museum should be allowed to spend half a million moving his old shed.


Yes it's nice that he wrote his books in his tranquil little shed but lets face it he could have written them in bed or anywhere.


They should just take photo's of the shed in his garden along with pics of his house etc and have them all on display, as after all his garden, home and life in general would have all formed part of his writing and imagination.


And they could then just create a perfect replica of his shed, setting it out as he had it but for a mere fraction of the cost of moving the original. That would be just as nice to see as the original one would (for those that are into looking at sheds of course).

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