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New litter picking scheme

Geoffrey Settle

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A cockel spaniel pup eh Geoff :lol: What a great way to start the day, I'm still giggling and trying to imagine what one looks like, cockel picking springs to mind too (yes I know the other is 'le') :lol::lol::wink:


Anyway trying to get back on topic... giggle...


I suspected parish council's may say that as like I said earlier in our chat 'where would they store it' etc ?

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It's a new breed crossed with a Cockerel and breeders have decided on the new name, she lays lovely large eggs that are covered in a soft shiney coat and she has a muffled gentle bark in the morning to wake you up. :mrgreen:


Seriously I took my dog on a 2 and a half hour walk around the new lakes/meres and there was harly any litter anywhere even on the streets leading up to the footpaths, what a nice change. :rolleyes:

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You've got me gigging again now Geoff... please stop. My poor dogs looking at me in a worried way as she thinks there's something wrong with me :lol:


Where are these new lakes/meres then? Are they local ?


Good to hear there was no litter, maybe people are getting scared of you (or more likely fed up of you going on about it :P ) so they are finally picking up or better still not dropping in the first place.

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Follow this link to multimap and select Birds Eye (which is quite appropriate as there were lots of birds there today - The pools or meres are just below the Risley/Culcheth Tip.


Culcheth Meres


They do not have an official name yet. The area is being developed hopefully as a nature reserve for the future, suggestions for names welcome.

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