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My Makeover


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After the great expence I have gone to, (a quid from the pound shop), I hope Grubby Pants appreciates me efforts and me visit which he is going to get from me tomorrow night.


I know exactly where he will be fishing, and he is on his own bless him.






What's the best thing to do? should I jump out on him? or should I quietly walk up behind him and stand still waiting for him to turn around and see me? Then scream me head off.

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Must admit Wingy the photo is pretty scarey and to do that to someone in the dark is not very nice at all. I feel very sorry for Grubby Pants and hop he survived the experience :shock::lol:


Infact as we've not had an update maybe you came of worse than him and he flattened you in his panic... are you ok Wingy :huh:

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Am I okay? hahaaaaa, nobody can run faster than me.





I didn't get Grubby Pants as he heard me creeping up on him, so I got somebody else instead. You can just about make out his bedchair collapsing as he tried to get off it. :D


I crept up and stood behind his bivvy, listening for any signs of snoring, to find out if he was awake or not. I heard him light a ciggy up, so then I snapped a dry twig to make his ears stand up, and get him listening.


My timing was perfect as a tawny owl began to hoot in the trees opposite. I set the camera and held it at waist level as I stepped around in front of his bivvy. And then I gave a quietish laugh followed by a loud MEOW. A split second before I took the shot which I thought was well aimed, his eyes were like golf balls. :D:D:D


I then ran away, and watched him from the dark shadows so he still doesn't know who it was. When he finally came out of his bivvy, I shook a branch on a shrub, he stared at the spot then shouted for me to go away, or words to that effect. :D I suppose this is how rumours get started. :D


Yep, I know small things amuse small minds, but this is the kind of thing what I like doing best. :D8)

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