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RIP Colin Oliver.

Peter T

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Just come back from council meeting that Col was so looking forward to being at, some really nice comments and a nice chance to remember him. The old punch and trudy show had a rest this time but colin would have enjoyed the debates that were had and and the political games being paid on both sides.


still cannot believe he has gone. gutted

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It would be a lovely gesture if no body stood for the councillor election except colin's replacement.

After all it is only & months to next election.


"a lovely gesture"??? What have "lovely gestures" got to do with elections?


If by using the term "lovely gesture" you are suggesting that it would be some kind of a mark of respect for the late Cllr Colin Oliver then you might have shown a little more respect than to suggest that his now empty seat on the Council and well respected place in the community could be so simply and easily filled by a mere "replacement".

You probably didn't mean to sound so callous Wahl and probably didn't think very deeply with regards to your choice of words, but at times like this I truly wish that people would!


I found some of the content of the article re Cllr Oliver on the news-page today absolutely sickening!

My heart goes out to his poor wife, she must be devastated at this time and I was upset to read that she had not been left in peace to grieve.


It appears that Mrs Oliver has been approached by party members just weeks after the loss of her husband with a view to gaining her support for a hasty by election (and thereby possibly a sympathy vote for the new candidate?). The impression I got was that she could possibly, in her understandably vulnerable state, be being manipulated by political vultures wanting to further their political ambitions by feeding off her late husband's popularity. Has local politics really reached such an all time low?


To Mrs Oliver, her husband must have been a very much valued individual - not a mere political asset.

Cllr Oliver had described himself as a man with a strong allegiance to his community and stated that he believed he had lost his seat last May due to his party's unpopular policies and expressed the view that he felt let down by them.

He made it quite clear what his own personal views were even though these views were contrary to those of his leaders, and it is probably because of that he held the respect of the community who re-elected him to office.

It appears Cllr Oliver was elected as councillor for his own personal qualities, his popularity in and commitment to his community.

Party politics didn't come in to it.


If there are prospective candidates who want to fill Cllr Oliver's seat in the council chamber then they should earn it themselves by commitment and effort - not try to manipulate their way in by riding on another man's glory.

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Sha et al.



"It appears Cllr Oliver was elected as councillor for his own personal qualities, his popularity in and commitment to his community.

Party politics didn't come in to it."


Colin was special. He was not a political person and used what was available to get into a position whereby he could do the best for the community.


It was a privilege to have met him and to have known him.

If what you are saying is true, it is despicable and Chris should tell them where to go.

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