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Anyone Know Anyone Stationed at USAAF Burtonwood During 1945 - 1955+


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Hi Guys,




Me & my friend Malc are 2 local guys from the Burtonwood/Lancs area & we have found quite a few items of interest on an old 'dump' around the Great Sankey area.




We have found exhust manifolds from aircraft along with radio equipment & our recent find is a quarter panel window fully in tact with plexiglass from a liberator (we think?).




We are trying to find anyone that was stationed at Burtonwood during the periods 1945 - 1955+ to see if they can tell us more about the area that we are finding these items?








Gary & Malcolm

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At the end of the war, the wrecks of WW 11 airplane fuselages were piled twenty feet high right up to the fence at Brit Aluminum, Latchford. My father used to work there and he brought home a variety of aircraft parts that he modified to fit in around the house. They had a guy there, whose sole job, was to go through the wreckage and find the bomb sights - a 4"to 6" dia magnifying glass, he would then hit the center of the face with a hammer to make them useless.

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