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Title showdown just another game!


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I'm delighted to have been proven wrong about Adrian Morley..He's not developed the serious complaint I thought he had. I was looking forward to meeting Gaz and his trusty camera beneath the stand for the ritual eating of my socks..Despite the non-meeting I went ahead and ate the said socks. I now regret that I hadn't changed them for a week...I don't expect to become hungry for the rest of the day. The Wigan club and some of their players could be in some trouble in the next week...S. Tomkins who missed kicking Jon Clarke's head in by a whisker. The total nutcase Hock is looking at a lengthy ban for the disgraceful incident in which he attempted to blind Ben Harrison followed up by a left hook. The Wigan club should be in serious trouble in the fact their assistant coach went into the referees room at half time to bitch and moan about the penalty count. Is this permissable ? If it is it's the first time I've heard about it. The victory today must rate as the performance of the season. I'm no longer fearing meeting Wigan, today proved if you get in their faces and not allow them to bully you by their negative wrestling technique they are very ordinary indeed. The team I now fear most is St Helens.

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:lol::lol: That gave me a good giggle but do you reaise how long socks take to digest and how difficult they are to 'pass' safeway56 :lol:


As for the more serious side of your post. I watched the match today and I hold my hands up and say as a girlie I don't really know too much about the rules of Rubgy but that little grot Tomkins deserved a sending off or a really good slap for his foot antics... and that thug (who you name as 'Hock') should be banned after the eye gouging and punch that he did.


Pathetic and despicable behaviour by both of them and not nice to watch at all if you ask me ... but then again no-one did B)


I thought Lee Briers handled it very well though Sir :wink:

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Fantastic performance and result from the boys!


As usual, the Pies did their usual lying on tactics and I just wish the refs would sort them out "early doors" to allow a better spectacle of rugby.


I didn't realise until I saw The Super League Show just what Hock had done to Benny and he should be banned for the rest of this season!


I thought Tomkins "kick" was just a reaction to try and stop Clarkey scoring rather than anything sinister and wasn't as bad as others have made out.


We just need to keep focussed now and think how much stronger we'll be when we get some of our injured players back as well - scarey...... :rolleyes:

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