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Acceptable use and Terms and Conditions of the Warrington WorldWide Forum:


In as much as this is a moderated discussion forum, considering the real-time nature of the Internet it is impossible to review every post instantaneously. Nevertheless, the forum's moderators will identify offending posts as fast as we can and delete them.


We will also identify and ban users who repeatedly flout the simple terms and conditions for use of this forum as defined below and acted on at the discretion of the forum moderators.


This forum is provided for everyone's enjoyment as well as a means of discussing issues appropriate to the people of Warrington. It is therefore imperative to keep it not just accurate but Civil by refraining from using vulgar language and sticking to the internationally accepted web etiquette.


In other words all material posted must be on the appropriate forums and must CONFORM to these said terms and CANNOT contain:


[*]Intentionally misleading and incorrect information

[*]Malicious Name calling




[*]Tribal Baiting

[*]Ethnic Baiting

[*]Religious Baiting

[*]Racial Baiting

[*]Sexuality Baiting

[*]Sexual Explicitness

[*]No Flaming or flame bait

[*]No Spamming


Posts must also be made in the relevant sections on the forum, else they will be moved.


The judgement of the moderators is final and not up for debate.

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