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Strange phone calls


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Further to topics a couple of weeks ago regarding calls about type of tvs bein watched.Today I have had 3 calls regarding my internet speed being reported as being slow by my internet provider,Iwas asked to turn my laptop on and they would increase my speed. I thought this call sounded daodgy so did not do as they asked,in the end they put phone down on me.

Bit later on I recieved another call about a so called accident I was supposed to have have had when a car ran over my foot,I never had such an accident.They claimed I could get compesation,in the background another person was telling my caller what to say


On both occassions the calls wewre from an Indian callcentre, As anyone else had these calls?

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Had 3 today, all from the same company, offering an £800 voucher towards a new kitchen if I made an appointment with one of their "interior designers". This is despite being TPS registered.


3rd time I spent 20 mins wheedling her name and company details out of the woman on the phone, whilst also checking them out on the internet. I then phoned up their MD (whose name was very helpfully on their website) and let him spend half an hour of his time trying to talk me out of reporting them to OFCOM, before telling him I was going to do exactly that anyway.


Report with TPS filed, they'll make him jump through hoops and waste even more of his valuable time - even if they don't fine him.


On a previous occasion, when it's been a double glazing firm, I've said OK and made an appointment with a salesman. Had him there for over an hour measuring up while I cooked my tea in front of him then gabbing away while I ate, then told him to sling his hook and that the same would happen every time any double glazing firm rang me. Never heard from another one since!

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I had a call today. Woman with an Indian accent calling herself "Susan". She told me that I had trojan on my computer. I said that I doubted that and she asked me to switch my computer on and I would see that I had.

I simply told her to go away and stop wasting my time.

Tried 1471 and got "caller withheld number".

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