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I wonder if this is a standard recipe? Anyway, it's mine and I love it.

Make a hot mix of strawberry Jello (jelly)in a large glass bowl.

Break a large, full size jam roll into the hot jelly and add four tablespoons full sherry.

Stir with large whisk until you have an homogenous mush.

Refrigerate for four hours.

Make a Birds Eye custurd mix. Stir over heat until extremely thick.

Pour custurd over the solid jelly/ cake mix to a depth of 1". Fefrigerate overnight.

Top with a 1" layer of thick cream or Cool Whip (?).

Whip topping into waves with the back of a fork and add chocolate sprinkles.


Yum Yum.

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Ooooh that sounds nice Stallard12 although I'm not usually into puddings (or sweets as posher people call them). I love jam roll and custard though :D


My mum used to make trifles similar to yours with jam roll etc but she didn't stir it to a mush or add sherry.


She also used to do them with tins of fruit in as well or with those little triffle finger sponges. Not nealy as nice though and the finger sponges were nicer to eat out of the box when they were crispy like biscuits than when they were soggy and in a triffle.


I might make one of yours tomorrow following your instructions as it does sound rather good.

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Good luck Dizzy. Any kind of custurd that will set like rubber ! will work. I also add a few maraschino cherries to the top, but soak a little of the juice off first, or it ends up looking like a murder scene. I prefer it without fruit, cos the fruit always seems to be hard, this type you can squeeze between your teeth if you want to. Dig in with a big serving ladle and hear the satisfying suction sounds as you haul out a big helping.

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Sounding nicer by the minute :D Might just have to do it with cold tinned custard which wont go hard but I like that anyway :wink:


Anyway time for bed so I get get away from my other half who has just come in rather worse for wear after a celebration day out with his chums. I don't think he will fancy trifle tomorrow somehow :lol::lol:

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Maybe I can get some help from someone unlucky enough to read this. Mom used to make potato cakes from left over mashed potato. They were formed into about 6" dia x 1/4" thick rounds and baked on a cookie sheet in the oven - delicious when hot and smothered in butter. Now, does anyone know what other ingredients probably joined the mash and at what temp (in degrees) and for how long were they baked ? I know that they were formed on a bed of flour to make them less sticky.

Seen a lot of pan fried recipes, but that's not what I want.

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