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Ollie the Owl


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I've made my mind up that William the Wired Womble should 100% definitely be our next mascot. No doubt about it. Maybe change the colors of the Scottish one to yellow and blue?


I'm actually really amazed at my own brilliant idea with this. 8)


And if you think it is a stupid idea, shame on you...




...But yeah, Ollie the Owl is also a cool mascot. :wink:

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:lol::lol: 'William the Wired Womble'... I love it :D But I can't help thinking of Wembly and rugby for some reason everytime I think about it. Odd really as Wombles are from Wimbledon :unsure:


I think Olly the Owl is great too and nice that he's promoting another very worthy cause at the same time and not just footy.


You could have a few mascots and with footy being a boys game mainly you could have, 'Tallulla the Town Tramp' :lol:

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Yeah, it is pretty good that the Owl is promoting good causes. Tallulla the Town Tramp also sounds pretty cool :lol:


But Wombles promote not littering. Has anyone seen the bit in between the wall and the concrete in the stand lately? We should give the mascot a club and make him club people who litter. (Which apparently isn't illegal. Cavog the Caveman hit me with his club once, and a Dragon tried to start a fight with me in Germany... :unsure: )



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