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The Duchess -


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Are film makers running out of material these days? Watched this period drama about the Duchess of Devonshire, who shared a home with the Duke's mistress, had an Affair with Charles Grey (future PM) - so what? Hardly an historical turning point eh? Next they'll be making a film about a King with a stammer - oops they have! :wink:

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OK Obs, I grant you it wasn't the best-ever drama on TV. But compared with most of what is on, it wasn't that bad. And don't forget, the ladies love stories about infidelity, particularly involving the aristocracy.

But I sense you don't do aristocracy?

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On the contrary, the perfidious exploits of "our betters", have set the moral compass for the rest of us, throughout history! Not sure though, that "the Duchess" did anything that was of historical note however; suspect perhaps a feminist motive lies behind this film? :unsure:

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