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Cycle lane

inky pete

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My other half saw this in the paper today and says he's been pondering all day as he's sure it looks familiar but says he might have just dreamt it.


Seems very daft though so maybe someone has just painted it on as a joke or it is an 'enhaced photo' to gain publicity for the driving instructor and his school of motoring and an attempt to justify the cost of lessons ...but if it was I guess it would have been brought to the attention of local news papers rather than national ones :wink:


Certainly makes warrington council and it's highways dept look a bit daft though eh ?


PS... where's Rod King when you need him, he'd know where it was :D

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I loved this comment on the Mails website from a member of the public.....


"I worked on installing this cycle lane. It is not "daft" as the headline implies. It was put there so cyclists could avoid an illegally-parked car, as having to swerve out into the road would have put them at risk. Soon after it was completed however, the owner of the car moved it.........."


As for Rod King.... surely he will be out with his speed gun making sure cars stick to the "20's daft" limits :wink:

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Ahhh thanks Applejunkie I knew we'd seen it somewhere recently. That's the road where the white shields and deer? are inlaid into the the grass banks.


Anyway the cycle lane doesn't seem so daft when you look at it on google earth as there's a bit on the other side of the road too.


On the opposite side there is a cycle lane on the pavement (out of the picture and further up on the right). It then starts again opposite the strange bit. So presumably the strange bit is so that if cyclists cross the road they can go in there to wait until it is safe to join the stream of traffic.. maybe !?



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You can't leave anything anywhere these days ..... :wink:


The reason some have pedals and some don't is actually intentional and is done so as to not discriminate against those who may have 'shorter than average' legs or those with other leg disabilities ie they can't use pedals but can still use bikes of the powered and alternative source.


Where marking do not have definate pedals this means that motorbikes can use them too.

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