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Inflation again


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Ok so it's not funny but hard to believe that this has happened again. I remember posting a similar story a while ago about a man who had an accident with an air hose but he fell and was trapped and it had pierced his skin but this one seems even more bizarre and the chap does seem to have suffered some quite serious and long term injuries.


Anyway, I quote "..... I was reaching up to finish the wiring on a caravan at the factory. I knew this air hose was being used close behind me but I just carried on the job as normal.


"The next thing I knew I felt this strong air being blown on my legs from behind, and then something went up my rectum through the shorts I was wearing


Surely they expell air at high pressure and have no suction powers so how on earth can one go from blowing air on his legs to managing to then go through his shorts and up his botty without any 'help' whatsoever.


That's just another one of those little things which will frustrate me now so maybe one of you clever mechanical/clever type bods can explaing it too me :unsure:


full story here



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Dizz, this was a stupid and idiotic prank played by workers on the shop floor on the apprentices and those poor unfortunates that were regularly picked on and bullied by so called 'workmates' and often resulted in appalling injuries and could result in fatalities and this sounds very much as if this chap has suffered the same and is too frightened to tell the truth, as you point out an air hose under pressure will blast itself by the jet of air away from anything and if not restrained will lash around all over the place until someone isolates the air pressure.

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Industrial compressed air is usually at 80 - 100 psi. It can be very dangerous and if a nozzle is held close to the skin, the air can penetrate into the bloodstream through the pores. However, this never stopped any worker, including me, from 'blowing down' with air to clean dust and debris off coveralls. 'Course, we also thought nothing of cleaning our hands and tools in the tricoethylene tank !!!!

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Good giref Algy you sound like you are speaking from experience there :shock:


And bigger good grief Stallard12 as I've even dusted my self off with an air hose... I never knew it could penetrate the skin through the pores though but I;ve only ever done it on my clothes and not my actual skin. Is that OK :blink:


I can see why some may not think of the dangers of actually blowing air at someone but surely no-one is that stupid as to think that putting an air hose up anothers (or their own) orifice is safe?


As for tricks on apprentices well in our days (in the land of ther paternostas Stallard) it was standard practice to send new apprentices to the on-site stores for things like a 'long stand'. The stores were in on it too and just left them waiting (standing) there for ages.


I wasn't apprentice (my other half was) but I remeber it anyway as those of us in the other offices used to giggle when we saw the newbies heading for the stores.


I was however sent to costco some years ago for some long tubes that the 'boss' forgot to get when he was there a few hours before. He said he knew they were in stock as he had seen them but I couldn't find them on the shelves anywhere so I was told to ask.


I needed 'pean tubes'... but neither I or the very helpfull store persons I spoke to could find them so I phoned the boss again. I got a right telling off and he said "For god sake they are made by 'Fallow' spelt 'F A L L O'.... they are about 5 inches long and are flexible, soft but sturdy ". We still couldn't find them and then the store assist cottoned on and burst out laughing.... Fallo Pean Tubes.


Bugger..... :lol:

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