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Not a big deal, but you experts might be able to explain it to me. When I view the Forum items, I can use my 'back button' to exit a story and move to the next one. However, if I SIGN IN and then either 'reply' or just view, the 'back' function doesn't work, it just flips back and to between the story and the sign in box. I have to exit WW and come back in. Is it me???

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Hi Stallard12


I've just tried it both when I am logged in also when I wasn't and it seemed ok for me.


I do know though that sometimes of you actually post and then use your browsers back button it can say 'web page expired' or show up your login page etc (depending on at which point you log in).


I'll try and explain that a little better... err... if you aren't logged in and then you click to reply to a post... you then get the login screen and have to have to do that prior to replying (obviously).


Once you have replied if you then hit your back button it can take you back to what looks like your login page or you may get a 'web page expired' message.


If you get any daft messages just try refreshing your browser window. If you are using internet explorer you will see a little box near to where you type web site addresses and the box will have a 'bent arrow going upwards and a bent arrow going downwards'.


Or try loggin in as soon as you come onto the forum... browse around, post, etc and see if it's makes any difference.


..... but 'yes' I think it's probably just you :P:wink::lol:

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oops forgot to mention...


another way to navigate the forum pages and sectons is as follows.


You are reading this now so look upwards on the screen.


You will see tha main red Warrington Worldwide header


under that you will see the tabs .. mine at the moment has FORUM in red... next to that are 'Members' and 'Calendar' (which obviously you can click on of you want to) BUT DON'T AT THE MOMENT


Under that you;ll probably see a wide advert banner... ignore that


and under that you will see


Warrinton Worldwide Discussion Forum > Fun and Interests > General Chat


(obviously depending on where you are that will change)


General Chat is where you are now


If you click on 'Fun and Interests' it takes you back a level


If you click on 'Warrinton Worldwide Discussion Forum' it takes you back to the main forum level


Is that as clear as mud as I'm not explaining myself very well tonight am I ? :lol::unsure::oops:

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Appreciate the response. That may be the problem Gary, maybe I don't know what I'm doing. If I'm calculating flow rates or analyzing internal pipe stresses, I'm ok, but talking on the forum is very technical.

Well spotted Dizzy, the Web Page Expired is a feature of my dilemma. I think that the best thing for me to do is to navigate all of the topics via the back button, then when I decide to speak, resolve myself to exiting the forum and clicking back in. It only means that I miss you for three clicks.

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Just stay logged in Stallard12 and if you get a message just refresh like I said earlier or use a combination of back button and/or the navigation at the top of the screen :wink:


You will soon have the forum sussed as it's a doddle compared with flows and pipe stresses :shock: Maybe you could start a topic about that as it may entice my other half to come on here too ... actually PLEASE DON'T as we only have one pc at the moment :lol:

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