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Shark attack?


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Yep, I agree :blink:


The way I see it though is that the sea is the world of the fish, sharks, seals and other marine predetors/creatures.


We belong on the dry land hence we have no gills, fins etc etc.


How can a shark/fish/whatever know that they are not supposed to eat us if we stray into their world ?


So the shark is now being hunted and will be killed for doing what comes naturally to it.


If man hadn't meddled so much in 'their' world then maybe they wouldn't be coming closer to shore in search of food.


..... and it's not like they have internet access, satnavs or books to read and advise them is it ? :unsure:

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The offender in this case was probably a Bull or Tiger Shark, which tend to be grumpy at the best of times, but in the mating season or when there is less of there normal menu about, they can stray into shallower water. Whilst humans arn't their normal diet, they may bite to taste, which can be lethal with a set of razor sharp teeth. Interesting, a shark can be disabled if turned on it's back, which apparently is how Killer Whales take them out. :shock:

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