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Enterprise Zones?


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11.30 pm here Stallard12... and I'm not :lol:


If it's just an other government perks/enticement 'twaddle pack' with a buzz word to tick boxes and to make it appear that they care then forget it. We've heard it all before and it's makes no difference in reality.

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... and if they relocate jobs I guess they hope that people will start to reocate too thus leaving no jobs in the places where there were jobs and only those who can't relocate will be left in a even bigger black hole that they were in before and areas will become dead.


What will they do then...nuke them/it or something ?


Did that make sense? I guess not as nothing makes sense anymore anyway :blink:

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As I understand it, the carrot is that firms moving into the zone pay lower business rates etc, and they hope that they will employ locally. However, as they have also just approved the new Mersey bridge, I think firms may think twice once they experience the 24 hour gridlock that is going to become the norm, especially if the bridges on the ship canal are going to be opened up to 6 times a day for the Port of Warrington!

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