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Police Helicopter


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It would but he wont be. Saying that the facebook bloke got 4 years so surely this bloke (if found guilty) should get the same or even more as he could have easily killed someone. Baz's photo's show just how bad the fire was.


That's the second time the golf shop has been ruined by arsonists and after this second one I doubt he'll even be able to get/afford insurance to open again. :cry:

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I jumped out of bed in a panic at 4.30am after what sounded like breaking glass. No helicopter up though around here though as it was only the milkman moving his crates around :oops: I think I'm getting paranoid now. :unsure:


You are right though Milly it does seem to be up and about a lot more lately. The costs involved for having it airborne must mean it's not just as a deterrent though so it must be looking for or doing something specific but then if they were you'd think it would be on the local news pages.


I wonder if it will be up at weekend watching over Creamfields :wink:

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