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Very unusual PM.


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I received a very unusual PM from a new member, caroline001

Here it is:-


Sent Today, 11:18 AM


My name is Caroline. I saw your profile and likes it very much, i will like you to write me on my email (carolinekolue@******.com) so that i will tell you more about me and send you my pictures.

Miss Caroline

I have deleted the provider.


Don't think the wife would be very amused if she read it.

Has anyone else on here had one. :shock:

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I wonder how many people will change their usernames to a... aa....aaa....aaaa... now or even z..zz...zzz....zzzz incase it's done the reverse way.


I bet Victor will :lol:


Did Admin get one ?


She (or was it he :shock: ) didn't get to the 'D's and I guess they didn't get to 'B's either unless Bill is keeping quiet about it :wink::lol:

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