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Happy Birthday Day Dizzy & Robbo


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Thanks Gary. :D


Happy Birthday Robbo..... hope you have a good one too.


and same to P.I.E.M.A.N. and Woody for December incase I forget due to old age.


Now time for everyone to wack the music up so that Gary hears it :lol::lol::wink:



and guess what you are number one in the top 20 again! :D

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Thanks Bill, Clarkey and Peter. (PS Peter 25V if you must know and that is not in the roman numeral sense :P)


Gary you bugger... I'm actually joint top with YOU (both at 6) and the minute I submit this I overtake you and go top again. Hey I'm getting better than the other day when I was way in the lead with 17 posts though so 7 is acceptable and I have overcome my obsession for now :wink::P


Surely Obs and Lt K should be wiping the floor with everyone... or have they gone on holiday together and are sharing the same phone ?

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