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Sad wannabe Geordies from Warrington!


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Booing the players has really got to you hasn't it clarkey?


So as a paying supporter watching the team you don't think it is acceptable to the let the players know you are unhappy with the performance?


The game/performance was unacceptable and some supporters made sure the players were aware of it. (just for note before people ask me NO I didn't boo!)


The standards have been set last season and we have been told the players want to take them higher, a performance like tuesday night is not going in the right direction and as supporters we all feel annoyed and disapointed therefore a select few boo'ed.

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Irony - The difference between what you expect to happen and what actually takes place.


Expectancy - Hoping that something, especially something good or exciting, will happen.


Reality -The true situation and the problems that actually exist in life (or football), in contrast to how you would like life (football) to be.


Connection here is that they'll always be differences in expectations for games as you'll always want different things every week (never hear anyone say i'll take 5 x 1-0 wins! its always 3-0 or 2 x 25yd strikes) When the reality arrives or denial (5 x 1-0)nobody really knows what the irony is.


It is what it is and every game is different in so many ways every week.

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Knowledge that is true what you say.


As fans we just want the best and when we have seen them play so much better you wonder why they play so badly, It isn't possible to play like barcelona every week at this level we all know that but losing with a good performance is not that bad a thing atleast there is something to blame (dodgy ref, missed chances, whatever) but tuesday was just not good enough.


I really hope they can turn it around and get 3 points on saturday, would take a 1-0 scrappy win all day, chelsea won the league by winning 1-0 every week you dont have to win 5-1 like last weekend (just for note anyone in the right mind doesn't expect that week in week out) just like to hope they have all noted that as the worst possible performance and they don't ever play like that again this year.


The positive to take is its just the start of the season, plenty of games to go! just need find a goalscorer now...

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FTB. I hope we are not repeating last seasons "can't play at home?"


Knowledge, I take it that psychology is not your strong point.


And understanding the game is not your strong point. You can't tell me that you've never experienced all three of the above either before,during and after a game and then again in the post match disection.


It would seem Furious Town Boy understands it.

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