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Thumping music Appleton area


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How can it be worse than creamfields as that goes on for 3 (or is it 4) days and there's 50,000 people there :unsure:


We couldn't hear last nights 'whatever' from here but as our neighbours on both sides were away last night I had music on really loud and guitars out too... maybe you could hear me :lol:


Anyway... I 'wonder' what it was you could hear Gary and why you didn't get a VIP ticket 8)

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Oh dear you might just find yourself being banned by 'Inch High Private Eye' if that was aimed at Quo Peter.... oooh and a warning from me too as Quo are ace (well in their younger days anyway as not seen them for years.)


I guess we were all more fun and more into loud music, fun and partying in our younger days though... eh Gary 8):lol:

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