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Something to Grouse about!


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Yep. Wait until the grouse has been hung for the appropriate period of time. Remove feathers,head and feet throw all in a bin bag and go and buy a ready cooked chicken from morrisons. Get there about half an hour before closing and haggle a bit and you may get two or even three for the price of one. :wink:

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Sory Obs, no recipe for you, just hang them up until they are going mouldy and dripping with maggots. That's when they are mature.


The real money is made on the grouse shoots. £1000 or more per gun per day on some shoots. Any profit made goes back into the upkeep of the grouse moors, heather burning, chick rearing, predator control etc.


Some of these gormless looking beggars would shoot each other if they wasn't watched carefully.

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I can get you fixed up as the prey in a spot of drag hunting if you want some extra cash. How fast can you run? :)


Beaters were looked on as labourers so they hardly got anything, he relied on tips. The gamekeeper makes a good profit though. One estate owner used to demand a minimum of a £200 tip for him, from each of the twelve guns, twelve guns was all the insurance carriers would allow for. And that was going back 30-40 years ago. Blaster took the P out of them something chronic.


It was all an excuse for business people to rub shoulders with each other. Deer/fox hunting, grouse/pheasent shooting etc was quite organised, any landowner not allowing the hunt to go over his land, might suddenly find himself having problems with the banks etc.


The Borgias have nothing on these people.

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