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Wild Flowers In Warrington


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Wildflowers in Warrington.


It's a dull and dismal day, but just look at that photo of British Wildflowers that have been sewn only this year at Euclid Avenue park Grappenhall.


This is something that I have wanted to see happen for a long time in the Warrington area. I have just been speaking to one of the Parish Councillors Elizabeth Fountain, who tells me that grass verges have been planted with more wild flower seeds throughout the Borough, and it is hoped that this will be an ongoing excecise.




I have also pointed the councillors towards this website and thread topic, so with a bit of luck we may get a little more information on this project.


A Masive Massive thank you to Grapenhall & Thellwall Parish Council and a Big Well Done.

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Beautiful sight, glad they are in a semi-safe place. Years ago, dad used to plant a mess of bluebells in the triangle of grass, on the corner of Bellhouse Lane and Knutsford Road. Within hours of them blooming, people in cars were stopping and grabbing hands full of them. He had to stand permanent guard - in the end he gave up. Sad thing is, they only last a couple of hours once they are picked.

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We used to live on Chester Rd, Grappenhall with our garden backing on to Euclid playing field, in summer it was a nightmare with youth's congregating on the playground equipment, drinking, throwing the empty cans and bottles into the gardens and using abusive foul language to anyone who would dare approach them. One of my pals on the council informed me of the changes that had taken place on the field so my wife and I decided to have a look, what a turn a round, it is a credit to all those concerned, they have made an excellent park for the youngsters and as Wingy has displayed, a wonderful show of wild meadow flowers.

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I'm on a wild flower hunt at the moment.

My garden is north facing,so anything yellow is most welcome, such as this Welsh Poppy.




The real beauty of British wild flowers is that they thrive best on poor soils. No feeding or watering, just leave them to get on with it. An added bonus is the insects that they attract, which in turn feed our feathered friends, and attract other forms of wildlife.

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Surprisingly they do appear to be lasting and more and more areas throughout Warrington (Birchwood, Poulton North, Peneth et etc) are being seeded and have been seeded for a number of years now. They are bringing out all sorts of insects and I remember a rare hare being spotted by a member of the Warrington Nature Conservation Forum member at the sight of one on outskirts of Penketh a year or two ago - it was even by Gary on Warrington Worldwide. :P

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Playing with that darn Google Earth agin', getting addicted. Took a look at the corner of Bellhouse Lane that I talked of earlier. Behold, someone, probably the owner of our old house there on the corner, has planted wild flowers in the grass of which I spoke. They look good, maybe manners have improved, if not my grammar, over the last fifty years.

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It could well be Peter, it could well be. :wink:


I think it was in the mid to late 80's that I watched a programe with a Dr Mirriam Stoppard. She is a wild flower enthusiast that got an idea going with various councils down South.


Her idea was to promote the growing of wild flowers along grass verges, roundabouts, and waste land. It was also a cost cutting excercise for the councils, in that the newly planted grass verges and roundbouts would need less maintenance, as after the first year in getting plants established, the planted areas would only need cutting twice throughout the year.


The qustion was asked, but doesn't an area of parkland look untidy once the wild flowers have finished?


It was intersting to see that once the flowers had died down, and all they were left with were taller patches of grass where the flowers had been, it still looked tidy and cared for by simply mowing the surrounding areas to their usual lower levels. They were left with avenues of taller grasses and shorter mown pathways and more open areas throughout the parkland.


The only disadvantage was that the taller grass where the flowers had been, had to be left uncut for a period of time and it became a magnet for any paper bags etc blowing about in the wind. But I think that would be a small price to pay for the sheer enjoyment that people would get from it.


Getting back to the park at Euclid Avenue.

It is a long long time since I last saw somewhere like this that I thought, Yes, this is somewhere that I would definately bring my granddaughter for a picnic.

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I have very kindly been sent these photo's of Cliffe Lane in Grappenhall from Assistant Clerk Susan Brooks, taken last year, of newly seeded areas. Our comments will be passed on to the council. it is good to have such positive feedback.



I think we have a picture of the triangle of grass where you lived that you spoke about. The cottage in the top picture used to have a thatched roof.


Many Thanks to all.











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I saw a lovely long area of wild flowers on the way upto Appleton Thorn on the roadside this morning identical to yours Wingy. Shame I didn't have my camera.


I don't know if Appleton Parish Council or someone else has done them but well done to whoever did... they look wonderful :D

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This photo is of a group of Snakeshead fritillary this Spring. This too was a success story as I didn't think that it would survive its first year.




I had sewn a few seeds in a pot of sharp sand, and covered them with gravel. It was then left outside all winter so the frost could stratify the seeds.



To my surprise the seed germinated, just the one but I was well pleased. I kept it in its pot through the Spring, and I think it was around Easter time that it came into full flower.


Over the Easter holliday My sister visited, with her children. I had only just pointed the flower out to them as we sat in the back room. The nephew who was about five years old, walked up to the plant swishing a garden cane in his hand.

I thought, no surely he won't, but with one almighty swish of his stick, he knocked its head clean off.


After they left, I emptied the pot beneath a cherry tree, and thought that's that, if it grows again it will be lucky.


Five years later I have now got a clump of snakeshead, as you can see. As I said in an earlier post, just put them in the ground and forget about them.

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They look lovely but I can't help thinking how nice they would look in a vase on my windowsill :D Only kidding, I wouldn't do it really.:wink:


I absolutely agree - they would look perfectly stunning on a windowsill in from of a big bright window. Of course I would never pick on of those flowers - that would not be right for I would destroy the beautiful view. I have my florist who brings me the most beautiful live flowers every time I need them so it is not necessary to pick them myself. :)


Are there more beautiful pictures to look at?

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No... but then again theres no way I'm spending all my time reading through all all the old posts and topics everywhere just incase someone edits something :wink::lol:


Final warning andrewb (if by any chance you still look in on here).... business website links are not allowed :P

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