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Don't know if there are any of you who spend a lot of time out of doors for days on end like I do. The thing that allways bugged me was my mobile phone running out of its charge. There are chargers on the market, but I'm a bit of a tight wad. So I came up with this:




A car ciggy lighter with a phone adaptor on the end.

Plug the adaptor into the phone.


Using crocodile clips, connect one clip to the positive terminal on a 12 volt battery and the other end onto the point of the adaptor. in this case, the blue wire.


Clip the other wire onto the negative side of the battery, and the other end onto the side clip of the adaptor.


I am not telling anybody to do this, but it works for me and my other mates who spend time out of doors out all weekend.

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My phone can be litterally ringing all day mate. It's an old one, but cost about £200 in its day. And it's better than banging on a hollow tree trunk with two sticks.


Some of the lads use bookreader, or are downloading music and naughty pictures all night :huh: and half the fun is making do with what you've got.

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