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Does anyone want this ? or know anyone who might ?


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Fed up of timewasters now


So... just on the off chance


Does anyone on here fancy a boat, or know anyone that might?



more pics below


Wingnut... this would be ideal for you and you could fish off it and sleep in the safety of the cabin away from predators... and there are giant sized carp in the marina cos we feed them with bread... :lol:


We aren't using it enough and haven't had the time to do it up since buying it, good intentions an all that (sorry dad we've all let you down, we know cos you keep reminding us). Anyway... here what it is :(


Callumcraft, 23 foot cruiser.

Outboard engine, Mariner 9.9. (works fine)


Everything works on it and the table in the front folds down and the seating area becomes a bed (providing you are not 6 ft tall). It can be bigger but the last people shortened the seats so they could put a draw unit in.


It has a fridge, cooker, sink, oven and hob, car stereo and toilet ALL WORK (if you can call an old porta loo a toilet ha ha and we have never used it )


As you can see on the photo's it does needs a bit of a revamp which was our intention but we've never had time. IT IS FULLY USABLE AS IT IS THOUGH.

The perspex 'windscreen' is cracked and definately needs replacing but we have the original one which was replaced by the previous owner as it was scratched. Would be really easy to make another one though if you buy some perspex. All the cupboards are easily removable so would be nice little project for someone... PLEASE... IT NEEDS LOVE :)


Here's what it is and a few pics


Callumcraft, 23 foot cruiser.

Outboard engine, Mariner 9.9.

currently moored at Preston Brook Marina (Bridgewater Canal)

Canal licence expires 31 December 2011
















If anyone is 'slightly' interested or would like to have a look at it we can take you to see it whenever you like and no pressure whatsoever. Bring some bread for the carp though :D

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It's called 'Charlie B'. We haven't fished off it but I'm sure you can if you have a licence and you are not moving along. No fishing in the marina though so that's why all the big fish congregate in there cos they are safe from you lot.


So do you want it or not :lol:

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Ah... but maybe if she knew your wife would talk you into having it so she can get rid of you for longer spells :lol::P


I wonder is I should just print some little leaflets off and stick them through the doors of all the houses which back on to the canal.. they could even keep it at the bottom of their garden on the water and pop to the pubs along the canal in it rather than at the marina :D


There's always ebay and freecycle I suppose.


Ahh well... poor little 'Charlie B'.... seems like no-one wants you poppet :cry::huh::lol:

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I think the important thing to bear in mind is the cost of canal licence and mooring fees as these can be quite high even if you hardly ever use the boat.


Looks not at all that bad Dizz, I’ll link this post on my FaceBook page because the in-laws are boaty type people who may know someone looking for something like this.


Bill :)

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Thanks Bill :D


As for the costs.... I never though to mention those (sorry)


It does have a Bridgewater Canal Licence which expires on 31 Dec 2011.

The cost for a new licence from Peel Holdings would be £250 for the year (I think give or take a few pounds) and it can be paid monthly.


For Boat Insurance we pay £99 for a full year.


Moorings can be expensive depending on where you moore it. We have it at Preston Brook Marina which is absolutely beautiful and has full gated security etc and it's great to just go up there and relax for an afternoon even if you don't take your boat out. Off the top of my head I think it's about £430 for the full year, we pay it monthly. (Price is charged per meter so that is for our 23ft one)


Did I miss anything ?

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What sort of price would you be asking Dizzy? Just interested in 'ball-park' figure as I have no idea how much boats might cost! :)


I've no idea either :oops:


That's why we are just open to any offers which isn't much help to you really is it and I hate it when people say that to me.


Like Bill says it's costing us money every month in moorings etc and we just haven't got the time to either use it or to start our little our little 'project' so would prefer to just cut our losses and let someone else have it who would use it rather than it sitting there feeling unloved and unwanted. :((ooh I'm upsetting myself now it's a boat for goodness sake... it doesnt have feelings.. does it?)


We paid just over £3000 for it of someone my dad knew. Obviously don't expect to get anywhere near that for it (unless someone wants to pay that of course, so don't let me put anyone off offering me that, only kidding :lol:).


I have a look on ebay and I might just stick it on there with no reserve price but what's the betting some foreigner bids and wants it posting :lol:

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Ok ball park figure ideas ... I just looked on Ebay SL for fairly similar boats.


This one (which is in a bit of a state and has no licences or outboard motor is currently running at £500 with 5 days left




And this one which is a bit like ours but has been done up really nicely inside and out is currently running at £2010 but includes 5 months moorings and has 1 day left.



If only we had a spare month to make ours look like that one... ah well not to worry :|


So still not much help to you... and still open to any offers. I wouldn't do very well in a sales role would I :lol:

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