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Stalker At Large


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Blummin' heck it looks evil on your pic and clearly not as scared of you as you were if it (probably your flash that makes it look scarier though.) :shock: Have you stopped shaking yet :lol:


After you took the picture did the shock of the flash make it lunge at you and rip your bivvy to shreds... was it frothing at the mouth too ?


Don't know why I'm laughing though Wingy as I think I would have just screamed and jumped in the water... only to have then been eaten by giant evil night carp and rats the size of cats. :unsure:

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I wonder if it though the same about yours Wingy and that's why it hung around... maybe it couldn't sleep either after it's experience and was keeping an eye out on the strange two legged camouflaged hunter creature with the big green shell and sharp multi purpose evil 'claw'. I'm starting to feel sorry for the poor thing now :lol:

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That's right Clarkey mate, I'd been fiddling with me camera and hadn't re-set it properly. Anyway, anglers are allowed to tell lies. I caught it on a Cheshire Mere. Not what I was really after though. This Bream of 12.2 lb is what I normally target.







Bream of this size can be a tad on the frustrating side to catch at times. If I can get one in a full night session I'm happy. Had what they call a red letter day earlier this year with 14 Bream all over 10 lb. Had to bring me rods in at 9.30 p.m as I was shattered. But that kind of action only happens once in a blue moon.


If you fancy a night session sometime, or anybody else, let me know and I'll sort a pass and some kit out for you, including bivvy, bedchair, rods etc.


Chill out, and relax over a pan of bacon butties and stir frys, and lots of cups of tea. Last week Grubby Pants had me up till 3 in the morning, trying to frighten me with ghost stories. :D:D:D


Strange thing was that I was up again at 5.a.m feeling as fresh as a daisy. A lot of the time, it's just being there that counts. The Bream go to 18 lb, and the Tench to 11 lb, so you never know, one of these nights/early mornings, there could be a new Cheshire record in the net.

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It's happening all the time with these young lads Diz.

I watched a young lad pushing his motorised whelbarrow around the lake full of gear he was trying to sell. The sun was beating down, and he had stripped down to his shorts and white tee shirt.

I shouted out to him; Two cornetto's please mate. He told me to go forth and multiply. Charmin init?

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