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george formbys home


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Stallard12... check at the very top right hand side of the screen. Next to your screen name you should see a little green box showing you have a 'pm' (private message)OR click on your name at the top and open the 'messenger' area.


Anyway back to George Formby...


No idea why there is no plaque outside his Stockton Heath home. Apparently he lived there when he started his own career in entertainment following in his fathers footsteps, although against his fathers wishes.


Residents did apparently get to gether to have a blue plaque put outside his family home in Wigan though but mainly because his father (George Formby Snr) was a successfull Edwardian commedian.


Neither of there names were actually G. F. though, I never knew that.


Tons of info about him, his work and his family on the link below... and I can't believe I've actually just been reading about GF and found it interesting as he used to really annoy me :oops:



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Why no plaque? Probably because in those days we didn't put show business personalities on a pedestal as much as we do today. Possibly also something to do with the fact that he lived in quite a few houses, some of which were more significant in his life than the one in Stockton Heath.


I note the post about some guy in America who thinks he has two original GF banjos. Over the years I have come across at least three people in Warrington who claim to have one of GF's instruments. I fancy they can't all be right

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