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Hi guys, From using the Forum, I have come to believe that several of you are possibly computer geeks. In that regard, could I possibly pick someone's brain? I have about a half dozen old personal photos, circa 1950, a couple of which may be of interest to the Forum. However, a friend scanned them for me and forwarded them to me in an e-mail. I have the e-mail saved, but before I can idividually post them, I need to get them from the e-mail into my 'Pictures' file. Does anyone know how to do that? Also, if successful, how do you attach a photo to a WW forum reply? Call me Dumbo.

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OK Dumbo...... :wink:


on the email sent to you, you will (or should have) either a load of visible photos or a load of files attached to the email..... (eg, attached as photo1.jpg)


If it is a photo you can see, right click on the photo and "save as".... this then gives you the opportunity to save the photo to a folder. (I personally save attachments to a folder on my desktop where it is easy to find when you want to host them for posting on a website)


If it is an attachment, you do something similar, except you right click on the attachment and "save as" then follow the rest of the above.


Posting photos follows next!!

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Before you can post a photo, you first need to "host" the photo on a photo hosting site such as tinypic, imageshack etc. or in photobucket. The latter is slightl;y more complex so we will go with the first ones.....


go to www.tinypic.com


you will then be faced with a page with a title which says "Upload Images & Videos"..... a long oblong box and a button that says "browse"


click "browse" and then open up to the folder where you saved all your pictures previously..... you should then have a list of files photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg etc.


click on one you wish to host and in the oblong box it should then have the file name.....


check the "image" box is ticked and then on "resize" open the drop down menu and select the message board setting (640x480)


click upload now and you will have to copy the letters/numbers shown. (this is a spam prevention thing and needs to be done for every one i'm afraid....


click "upload now"


Once the file is uploaded, you will then get the next page entitled "share this image"

The second yellow box down titled "IMG code for forums and message boards" is the one you want. Highlight that and then copy the link.


Go to the forum posting box and right click and "paste"... the contents of the yellow box should now be pasted into the forum box begining with[ img ]






click preview post and you should then see the image. just repeat the above and post each [ img ] under the next.... there is a maximum of about seven images per post on here though I think


Hope this helps



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Stallard12..... you can also upload directly from your pc into your forum post by using the 'Attach this File' button located under the box you usually type your replies in. If you can't see it you may need to press the 'Use Full Editor' button first.


Click BROWSE.... locate your photo... click 'Attach this File... it then appears under the 'Attachments heading... then click 'Add to Post'


you then get a thumbnail that people can click on to enlarge.


Warning though... you only have a personal total upload allowance of 500k doing it this way. Once you've used that you have to free some space by getting rid of one of your previous pics. I'm getting close to my limit now.


It's a really quick way of doing it though while you are getting to grips with the much better way that Baz suggested. I usually use photobucket but might try Baz's 'tinypic' way.


Stunning car by the way Baz... is that yours :shock:

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Wow! As I said, call me Dumbo but say it louder now. Thanks guys, I will take it all to bed with me, put aside my "Frost' novel and study. I have a BSc Mech.E, but retired fifteen years ago, so the rust has built up pretty good. Look for a photo or two in about three months !!!

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Awww Stallard.... give it a go and 'amaze' yourself. It probably all sounds a bit complicated when you read it but honest once you've managed it once you will be an expert in minutes.


If you get stuck just ask and I'm sure Baz and others will help you... just as I will.


We all have to start somewhere with new stuff and maybe you can repay the favour and teach us what you know... yeah like I'd ever understand Mechanical Engineering... you clever sod !!! :wink:

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post-25-0-47467400-1311886928_thumb.jpgWell here goes. If I'm successful, the photos should show the Hayfield Rovers soccer team of 1948. I'm the one doing the Bert Trautman imitation! The other is the Grosvenor Cycling Touring Club around 1954 - my mother obviously used Persil, so you may recognize me! As I said, here goes.


Well the first part was a doddle, Idon't know about getting in onto the post. There is a jpg under the Attahments, but I'll see if it transmits when I post. I tried to put two pictures, but the file was too big.

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50% successful. I have tried to send the other one seperately, but can't make it advance beyond the file name in the Attachments box. It also said that the second photo was too big, but it's the same size as the other one.

Just tried to attach it here, but eventually got 'too big' again. Sorry.

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Stallard12 your problem is that as Dizzy said a couple of replies ago you have used almost all of your direct upload allocation up with the above photo, almost 430kbts out of the max 500kbts, It also helps if you resize the photo down, I see it is in excess of 1000 x 600 pixcels. It really is better to use Photobucket or any other such photo hosting site, they really are simple to use, if a 'numpty' like me can use it anyone can. :wink:

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Nice one.... and that's a great photo :D


I just clicked on your first picture and it enlarges quite a lot so it may be quite big.


If you go to your forum username setting..... (click on your forum name in the dark blue box at the very top right of the screen when you are logged into the forum) then go to 'My settings'


It will then open your 'Your Options' page


There you will see the tabs/options for




Make sure you are looking under the tab 'SETTINGS'


and you will see 'Manage Attachments'


In there it will show you the size of the photo you have already uploaded and also how much free upload space out of your 500 kb allowance you have left.


Sounds to me that yor second photo either takes you over your limit or is just too big on it's own.


It could be that you need to resize your photo BUT DON'T RESIZE YOUR ORIGINAL (incase you ever want to print it off or enhance it)... copy it and resize the 'copy' simply for use on here.


Gosh.... I'm making it sound even more complicated now.. I'm sorry I don't mean to.


Your best bet is to host them elsewhere like Baz said though as that's what I do with mine through photobucket. If you do get stuck though send me a message and I will happily host them for you via my own photobucket account for now and I'll either email you the direct link that you can simply paste within your posts or I'll upload them on your behalf.


I'm very trustworthy but I'd much prefer that you learnt how to do it yourself so as to embarrass Victor who always emails me his 'apple pictures' rather than trying to upload them himself.... ain't that right 'Victor Lazy Bones' :lol:


Once you have sussed it I will of course delete all my rather long posts in this topic (one of the advantages of being a moderator.. I can also delete my own twaddle and annoying posts :wink: )

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Wow impressive stuff there Baz !


I was going have a play in photoshop too but I doubt mine would have been anywhere near as good as the ones you have done. although when I enlarged them the young chap front centre does look like he's sporting a clip-on head and the boy to his right appears to have had a frontal lobotomy.. sorry but they made me giggle :lol:


What software do you use ?

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Can't thank everyone enough for the effort. Isn't it unbelievable what Baz did to that photo? Where did all the cracks and creases go? I need to send him a close-up of my face now to see if he can straighten that out!

I have always found Photo Shop and the like too complicated for my simple life - it gives me a headache. I just thought that the young folk would like to see what war babies looked like in their period costume. Maybe someone will recognize themselves.

The other picture is in the same mode and as I doubt that I will make a career out of this, I would gladly take up Dizzy's offer to post it for me.

On another matter, I have submitted several tales to Gordon at mywarrington per his request and I understand that he intends to use them in the memory section. If you stumble onto them, please cut me some slack cos I'm the son of an orphan, dad was raised in the Cottage Homes. Trying for the sympthy vote you see.

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Had to laugh at your comment about your face.. I thought the same about mine :lol: Photoshop is a bit OTT I must admit and confusing if you;ve never used it before.


Anyway, I will send you a 'personal message' containing my email address.


You will see a little green box appear in the dark blue box at the top of your screen next to your user name. Click on the green box and it will open my message to you.


Email me your picture(s) and I'll either email you the upload link to you which you can insert in your own post (which would be better for you really as you can say what it is) or I can upload it for you... whichever you would prefer.

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I use an old photo prog called paintshop pro.... quite easy to use.


Yes the boy in the middle had a clip on head.....it was partly from the boy on top left with a bit of the chin of the boy two to the right..... It was after midnight when I did it so stop being so picky!!!



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you may also notice that the boy in the middle has the same knees on both sides (just mirrored) and the boy front far left has the elbow from the boy two places along.


That was quite a bad photo to play with!!

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