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TS Video Interview


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Great interview Gary - got TS talking alot about signings, injuries etc.


One question though - why is it on youtube before this site?

Because I uploaded it over night and have been too busy to include on main site yet - thanks for reminding me! :oops:

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The injury to Adrian Morley must be causing some concern about which neither the club or the coach seem to be very forthcoming. The official version is that he has nerve damage behind the eye which accounts for the double vision. However, this wouldn't cause the dizziness from which he is suffering. I have some experience of this having developed Menieres Disease some years ago which resulted in having my inner ear removed which means my balance is greatly affected.I am now unable to do some things such as ride a bike or run without being in danger of falling over. The condition is difficult to diagnose without having a brain scan. I'm assuming the club have made arrangements for Mr Morley to also have the scan. If it's not the inner ear it could be something far more serious. Let's hope it isn't. It wouldn't surprise me if Adrian has to take premature retirement.

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