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Loss of more community facilities


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WBC have announced that they are shutting Woolston Playbarn - doing so without any public consultation this time, however, we know that makes no difference...in Woolston anyway, a different matter in Lib Dem wards I guess. I don't suppose they'll decrease the council tax, so... What do they propose to give the community instead? Sweet Fanny Adams I suppose and expect us to just put up and shut up. This cannot continue.

Any ideas on how to stop these idiots - and please don't ask me to march they have the police in their pockets and they deliver me letters by hand these days informing me that it's dangerous to march on pavements in case someone falls off - it all beggars belief when I watch them in London...





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It's another shut down LIB/DEM activity Paul an utter disgrace.


All I can suggest for the moment is to keep knocking on people's front doors and explain what is going on.


You might think that with all the protests at the Town Hall, banners in the street, leaflets through the door that people would be starting to sit up and realise what is going on.


Well yes they are starting to if the responses that I have got whilst out campaign in Woolston are anything to go by. They do feel down hearted and betrayed by these attacks on their community.


I think that the leadership and team that you have with you are giving them hope.


Don't give up mate carry on leading by example.

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Had to laugh at Nick Clegg tonight on the News: he entered a school that's having to deal with about 9 different languages; saying that English should be used. :? He didn't say, that English first has to be taught in order to be used - thus confounding the normal curriculum and involving added expense. :roll: Nor did he say that immigrants should be required to speak English prior to being admitted into the UK. :roll: What he did say, was that we should celebrate diversity; and as if to back up this wishy washy liberal approach; there was a sign at the main gate of the school - in Hindi! :D

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no difference...in Woolston anyway, a different matter in Lib Dem wards I guess.


if true, it would be pretty dumb, surely its makes business sense to entice new customers in and give your loyal customaers sweet FA...thats SKY & Vodafones policy, and look how successful they are.

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One has to smile at the Labour opposition on WBC; (ww news) their re-elected Leader Terry O'Niell was quoted criticising the Lib/Cons "for cutting services" and "increasing Council Tax". :roll: Errrm well; the budgetry equation is fairly simple - you can have a high service, high tax Council or a low service, low tax Council; or something in between. :roll: But to peddle the myth, that you can have a high service, low tax scenario is merely misleading the public. :roll: Plus, hasn't WBC still about ?15million in the red, isn't some of WBCs revenue required to pay this off? :? Perhaps the Labour Group shouldn't assume the wider public to be as unintelligent as themselves?! :wink:

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