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Air Ambulance lands on Victoria Park.....


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Ok so this is getting confusing now...


Indy asked.... was it the Air A he filmed?


Fugs said.... NO


KONfromM.. said 'only the RAF can fly at night'




KNOfromM answered 'yes it was' to Fugs reply of 'NO' to Indys question of 'was it the one I filmed'... which led me to believe that it was Indys Air A after all.




Dizzy(me) posted that ... 'it wasn't the Air A it was the seaking'


and then


KONfromM replied with 'No night vision goggles you need a permit to fly' which I presume was the answer to my other one rather than the one quoted


SO... do the RAF Seakings not carry nigh vision goggles then ? and I've lost my way with where this was going now and I've forgotten my next question too :blink:


Washer's just finished ...... :lol:

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Great pics Mand :D


Wonder what the chaps were doing in the first photo... had they just tried to manually spin the blades :wink::lol:


I hope the poor person on the stretcher is ok though and that they got to the hospital quickly and safely by road.

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