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Gone PHISHING today

Geoffrey Settle

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I'm currently being bombarded by phishing people. I've receive 2 false alerts form Abbey and 3 from TSB lloyds given I don't have accounts they are easy to spot as the PHISHING Crewe but if I didn't know better who knows.... B):twisted:


Watch out and don't open anything.... Banks rarely send stuff out to you by email and certainly NOT requesting your account details.


Take care in cyber space :(

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Only five in total. I have more than that on my hotmail account in any one week.A few offering me cheap software. No end to the performance enhancing ones . ( which claim to cure the prior one :oops: )


Not had any of the lottery/my uncle has died and let me a small fortune type for a while though.:rolleyes:


Did have one of those phone calls the other day saying that my ip address was flashing red. Line went dead when i said that my ISP was looking into it and had a trace running. :mrgreen:

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I've not had any phishing emails for a very long time. I think Virgin must just intercept and auto spam/delete them.


I used to get loads on my old AOL email account pretending to be from banks I was with and like you Geoff banks I wasn't with but I always used to forward them them to the phishing department of the actual bank/building society concerned.


Might see if I can still get into my old AOL email and see if it's full of them :lol:


I like your reply to the IP call Evils, I must remember that one just incase :wink:


Sad to think that some people do actually far for these scams though, especially the elderly and dim. It's not only these scammers who annoy me but also the mobile phone ones. My son kept getting bombarded with texts from a company he had never heard of. Being fed up he text 'STOP' to them in the end and got charged £5. Daft sod, he should have asked his mum first :wink:

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