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Mick Curran


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Great turn out, warm sunshine and what a lovely place to have a funeral. He certainly was loved and a character. The Priest gave a really nice speech about him like. Like Gary even his wife Ann found out things about him. She never knew half of what he was up to, she does now. :D We went back to Cinnamon Brow Farm Club for a bite to eat, drink and a chat.

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Yes, a fantastic turnout to say farewell to Mick.

Some even had to stand outside the room.


Ann has read this thread and thanks everybody for contributing.


I have asked her to join the Forum (when she is ready) and join in the discussions. She said that she would give everyone a harder time than Mick did.

She chats on MSN to Mick's rellies in Oz.


PS. There were 6 posters there today.

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Thanks for that Proud Granddaughter And welcome to the Forum.

Feel free to join in on here and give us your views on topics.

And encourage Ann to come on as well.

You would be surprised how many of us (on here) knew him.

We will all miss him.


[ 07.11.2007, 22:25: Message edited by: Peter ]

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Some sad news.

Today, Ann passed away in Intensive Care.

She was in there after suffering another heart attack.

She will be missed. A few of us met her when Steve and Mary came over and we all met at Cinnamon Brow. Ann had kindly done the butties.

Jane and others will miss her at the Tuesday afternoon Card making sessions.

Still, she and Mick are back together.

Our thoughts are with her family.

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