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Lying Taxi Companies.....


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Surely, a few unfortunate experiences is not enough to justify allegations that all taxi companies are lying?

Solution to the problem: Drink less, use your own car and drive home when you feel like it.




don't be such a popous prat all the time.....


I don't drink very much at all, I never have, I gave it up for a long time when I reached 18 as the legallity of it took the shine off it.... I drive everywhere and run an extremely comfortable car for just that priviledge.


What I object to (apart from people like you passing judgement about stuff you know bugger all about) is deciding to not drink and drive, making the concious decision to leave my car at the house I was visiting, booking a taxi and then for them to lie (because that is what they did and that is what virtually all taxi companies do when it comes to timekeeping) and leave me stuck at my mates house until 2am with a 10 year old child.....


Now maybe you would have prefered me to risk driving the 2 miles home and risk destroying another car with mine in the process?


Maybe you should go and sit in your parlour and have another sheery to calm your nerves a little

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I never said you speak for Wolfie, I said you are a facet of him. I'm not sure how complex your condition is but it may be that you don't even realise that you are all one and the same.


Have you tried Ovaltine last thing at night for those lucid dreams? It seems most things are a facet of your imagination. :wink:

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Regardless of the excuses, they are allegedly professionals who are supposed to be doing and providing an efficient service, therefore they should be on time, plus or minus 5 minutes. Given that they normally have the number from which the call was made, they should be able to call back if there was any delay.

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Kemik.... Much as I don't have to explain myself to you; I will spell it out in little words so you can understand why I have a problem with being lied to by a taxi company....


I went out for a night out with my family to a friends house.


I took my car with the intentions of leaving it at his house and getting a cab home so I didn't have to drink and drive.


I phoned a cab (Harrys) and they gave me a time when the cab would be there.


It didn't turn up and despite numerous calls to their office, it still didn't show up even though the "he is just around the corner" lie was used on three occasions


So, after being lied to and left without a lift for an hour and a half, would you then expect me to walk my 10 year old son around the streets in the pouring rain at 2 o'clock in the morning?


Now forgive me if I'm getting the wrong end of the stick here, but what has "i have seen the crap they have to put up with" got to do with anything?


You might claim not to be a taxi driver, but you come across as having about as much sense as one.

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Bill can you tell me why when my daughter and her friends ask for a taxi home dropping each of them off the taxi driver can't or won't give them a rough quote? As she says doh what about technology!! :?


All she wants to know is how much each part of the journey will cost so that they know what their contribution will be. Afterall it can't be that hard you can't get too many legally in one taxi can you?


Last week the last of my daughters friends in the shared journey was driven to a cash point before the driver would drop her off, sometimes taxi drivers just drop them off on main raods and ask them to walk home. If she had know how much she was expected to pay at the start then she the other girls would have made sure that she had enough money to cover the cost. She estimated what she thought would be the price from other journeys but hadn't taken into account the evenings inflation rise.


I can count the number of journeys I have had in my life on the fingers of one hand and the last journey I did take was in a black London cab in London - I was late for a meeting having been to our offices in Westminster Council's Contact Centre and he was brilliant using all the short cuts to get me to an ICT conference he told me how much it would cost and delivered. Maybe he just had the knowledge, why isn't that the case early in the morning between Culcheth and Orford? :o

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Baz, you see a little touchy on this subject! I was not aiming my remarks at you but making them generally.

I repeat: It is unfair to condemn ALL taxi companies as liars on the basis of your few unfortunate experiences. I cannot recall having problems with any taxi company, although I admit I do not use them in the early hours.


But really, let us get things in proportion: Hospital appointments. How often have you waited for an hour or more after the appointed time? Same problem, same reason: doctors and taxi drivers don't know how long each job will last.


I trust this is not being popous (sic) !

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Geoff, you’re asking me to tell you why someone I don’t even know isn’t very good at mental arithmetic? Come on Geoff, I might be quite good at writing taxi software for a living but the mind reading bit I’m not so hot on! If the driver did try to hazard a guess, Baz would probably accuse him of lying and PJ would don his wannabe lawyer’s wig and claim it’s a legally binding contract. :P


Unlike the dynamic duo, working very closely with the taxi trade, I get to see both sides of the story. I know exactly what goes on and why some are excellent while others give a service that leaves a lot to be desired. If a business is poorly run, there’s no point in shouting at the staff, because only the company owners can do anything about things.


Bottom line is, you complain to Harry’s, use another company or get some good shoes. :P


Bill :)

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My son (who was 15 at the time) went to Westbrook Cinema with his mates. After the film they found out that there were no busses running from that way anymore. Rather ridiculous considering it was a Friday night and kids like to go to the cinema.


Some of his chums who were younger decided to walk all the way home in the dark which was not a sensible thing to do really.


He rang me and I said to get a taxi and I would pay them when he got here as he had no money (I had no car to pick him up).


He rang a few and managed to get one who came quite quickly but it was rather funny... he had to ring me from inside in the locked taxi when he got here and the driver wouldn't let him out until I went out with the cash. I wonder how long he would have been locked in there for if he hadn't had a mobile to summons me with :lol:


The only annoying bit was that it cost over £10 from Westbrook to our house... a trip of about 4 miles. I questioned the cost but the bloke suddenly seemed to go more 'foreign' and couldn't understand me :lol:

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Egbert, No comparison.

Hospitals tend to give everyone the same appointment time, so it's first come, first served, and Drs normally have 15 minute slots that can sometimes run over.


In both cases you are there waiting to be seen. A taxi is rarely there when they say they will be. Even when things are quiet, there "be there in 5 minutes" rarely happens.

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