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How safe is the Channel Tunnel?

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Yahoo News Reports that


"An earthquake with a magnitude of 3.9 has struck in the middle of the English Channel, the British Geological Survey (BGS) has said.


Residents in parts of West Sussex reported buildings shaking for a few seconds but no injuries or damage has been reported.


The quake struck at 7.59am, had a depth of 10km and its epicentre was around 85km south-east of Portsmouth, Hampshire, according to the BGS.


It was the largest earthquake in the area for almost 300 years. One worker said it felt like a "big lorry had gone by in a hurry".


Hampshire Police, Sussex Police, Solent Coastguard, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said they had not been called to incidents related to it.


David Kerridge, from the BGS, said: "This is the largest earthquake in this area since a magnitude 4.5 event in 1734. Historically, there have been two other significant events nearby - a magnitude 5.0 earthquake in 1878 and a magnitude 4.3 earthquake in 1750.


"In the UK, we experience a earthquake of this magnitude approximately every two years."


Brian Baker, data manager at the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, felt the earthquake in his office on the coast in Shoreham, near Brighton.


He said: "The office wobbled slightly, the building shook, monitors on the table rattled and the roof creaked a bit. It lasted about two to three seconds. There was no damage as far as we can see.


"It felt as if a big lorry had gone by in a hurry, except we don't have lorries go through here."



so how safe is the Channel Tunnel? :roll:

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Well, it was the largest for 300 years so it should be safe for a while.


However we get a quake of this magnitude every 2 years in the uk but not always in the same place so again it should be fairly safe for at least six years.


One thing to bear in mind though is that over the past few years earthquakes have been growing in severity and frequency, which makes the likely hood of there being another fairly soon of an even greater magnitude quite favourable.


Then there is the after shocks which although usually of a lesser magnitude can still do considerable damage to a structure.


As it impacts on me personally the chance that an earthquake will strike the tunnel at the exact same time that I am travelling through it would be along the same lines of the chance of me actually needing to travel through the tunnel in the first place. So for me it is quite safe. Anybody else though and who knows.


May have a word with william hills and see what odds they would give me :mrgreen:

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