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Griffiths Brothers get 150 hours community service

Geoff Settle

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Am I missing something from todays top story.


Two Brothers defending their 4 year old sister and disabled gran get 150 hours community service whilst the Larger drinking, abisive, brick throwing man with an agressive dog whose chain he used to hit out gets off?


Obviously the brothers shouldn't have beaten this guy up and dropped the crow bar before using it on him but what about the other persons behaviour is this to be tolerated? After all he started the whole thing off in the first place.


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It's matter of how much force is used.

A year ago i had my rear light kicked in by a yob (25yo ish) in town, he was with 2 others one of which was in his 30's. A person in the shop saw it happen and told me.

I went out and confronted him, he admitted doing it and as i phoned the police they casually walked off towards Bridge St without a care in the world.

I followed, determined he wouldnt get away with it. When we all got outside Mc Donalds he turned and confronted me in front of maybe 60 shoppers telling me if i kept following them while i waited for the Police to arrive he'd "kill me".


I pointed out all the cameras and and said it wouldnt be a wise move, by this time we had a huge crowd of shoppers gathered around us wondering what all the fuss was about. He was showing off in front of everybody and came right up to me, put his face in front of mine and and spat out "I'm gunna knock the **** out of you now", at which point i knocked him out with one punch.

His mates we're shouting abuse but didnt dare come close.

The police arrived saw him still on the ground and asked what had happened, after explaining how the events unfolded they arrested him and his mates and went to view the cctv footage.

They came back to me 1/2hr later and called it a perfectly legal "pre-emptive strike" because it was obvious he was about to hit me, so i got one in first.

As i didnt follow it up with a further punch or kick, it's legal to defend your self.


He got a fine, had to pay me a days loss of earnings and pay for a new rear light ?435 in total.


Perhaps they did a bit to much!

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Maybe they did go OTT but to be honest the guy is still alive so he should think himself lucky and leave it at that..

Maybe f more people took thing up like this then the crime rate would be reduced a lot more and we would all be safer at night in our beds..

Hiccy sounds like a few more like you would be far more effective than waiting for the cos to arrive in thirteen or fourteen days..




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Originally posted by Geoff Settle:

Hiccy you were clearly anticipating his next move afterall he'd told you in front of winesses and cameras what he was about to do so why wait for it to happen.

Exactly, but theres a fine line that must not be crossed or the victim becomes the agressor, I teach at

Uni, and some of the things that i see happen there are shocking, youth's know exactly what they can get away with and the punishment if theyre caught, some think it's worth the risk to kick someones head in because they know all they'll get is a slap on the wrist.

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That?s a very good point and recent events have been reported here by Gary on his front page but they in large were all cowardly.


I have only ever used the pre-emtive technique strike of strike beore you get beat up twice. Once in the centre of Coventry where I was a student surrounded by about 20 Coventry City fans.


It had been caused by my mate insisting that he wore his Liverpool scarf on the way back to the bus station. I had given him my Dads advice 'cover your scarf up until you?re on the bus'. But on no we'd won and he was happy and proud to show off his support for Liverpool.


Anyway I made sure Dave was on the bus (he was going back to Deby) and made them come after me.


I bided my time listened to what they had in mind for me. Thought about it and decided that there must be a better option. Hit the big fat ring leader and leg it.


Fortunately I could run fast in those days and the halls of residence were close by. :wink:


I wouldn't recommend the technique unless you have no other option. Doing nothing wasn't an option as they had already told me what they were going to do.


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Belatedly may I reveal that our understanding is that the other guy IS to appear in court as well!

We hope to be there. And for clarity there were THREE brothers and they DIDN'T use the crow bar on the guy.


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