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Peter Fahy


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genius that he is, has now decided that booze is too cheap, and thats the reason the scummy type youths act the way they do, his solution is to crack down on cheap booze.


of course he doesnt seem to think its


lack of consequences

lack of patroling officers

lack of respect for the community at hand

not lack of moral guidance from parents (kids that they are most of them)

lack of posative activities

lack of rolemodels that portray possitive effects of community spirit


it's the fact they can get 4 cans of beer for ?2.99 in his opinon


well he's no sherlock holmes there is he.


I too can buy my beer for ?2.99 yet I have managed to avoid invading other peoples rights to a comfortable life.


sherlocks saying, ?Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.?


mr fahy's seems to be, Blame the first thing that comes into his head, bang on about it till it becomes the truth, does he seriously think that upping the price of beer will


A. stop kids getting their hands on it

B. stop louts hanging around

C. regain the respect of yobs


no...it may have escaped his notice but beer here is more expensive already than anywhere else I can think of in the world, yet we have this problem more than the likes of most european countries.


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According to a BBc report:


He later said underage drinking was a "child protection issue" and parents must take action to stop it or face "sanctions" from the care system.
Ha, and the care system is really going to ring the changes. My sister works in a kids home and they have recently had a kid in on tag. They aren't allowed to lock the kids in or restrain them so he walks out the door and she rings and reports that he's broke curfew - near enough every night.


He said: "There are a number of issues which have come out of this - what my officers have done is to locate hotspots where we know gangs congregate to drink, and have targeted them.
Yeah right. Now that Station Road underpass is being watched they've moved back to Bennetts Rec. A few weeks after the murder a friend reported a gang of youths with alcohol to pcso's at the top of the roadway. They wouldn't do anything. They may have moved them on from Station Road but they've not stopped anything at all, they're not holding parents or kids responsible. It's no wonder there's no respect.
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Drink drugs and youth do not go together. You only need to see the arrest returns for juveniles or listen to their excuses in court. ? I?m sorry sir I didn?t know what I was doing I had too much to drink?

Some of the kids are great at school nice at home. But when they get out with their mate and have half a can they start to grow horns give them a couple of cans and they will take on the world like animals.

Social education is the first step and if that does not work after the first warning it should be off the streets into a centre, no court, or time wasting, gone.... sever behaviour training raceme for a week. With an understanding at the end that if they wish to continue the punishment will continue and get harder and longer.

Like animal training, it is no good punishing them after the event it has to be instant.


When we were kids we were scared of going to borstal, it was a good deterrent. If anyone of the parties at Westminster brought in a law and order policy which took control of this current situation they would win the election.

If they don?t they will soon be dealing with sever civil unrest as private security guards start getting paid by people to guard their estates and they will give out instant punishment, which is not a good thing because it is not controlled.

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