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Talks in progress for Peel Hall


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Not to worry anyone, but there was just a hint in the inspector's report that if eventually land were needed for housing, a larger scheme (including its own facilities) might overcome the difficulties of a small site with awkward access!


Satnam needs Ballater Drive playing fields to overcome this.


It's not his.


It doesn't figure in the pending core strategy.


This may change.


obs - well, yeah.

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Why would they "give up"?  They know the land will eventually be released for housing, depending on the housing land release figures; which are presumably low at the moment, so no need to release this land. My beef would be that, despite all the talk about "affordable" housing; there appears no commonly understood view of what "affordable" means;  and any "council" housing appears to be being funded through GGH in other Towns. 

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it probably a case of we will put a few different littl eplans in to see what the objections are then we can put the proper plan in knowing that we can get round the objections easily as we know what to expect and plan for it.


or is that jus me being suspicious as usual.

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