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Poppies at Victoria Park


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Did you have permission to come to Latchford? or were you seeing how the peasants lived?


Nice piccie as usual. :wink:



Being from Bewsey Peter, not only am I free to wander Latchford at will, I may yet restore my ancient right of "droit du seigneur" :wink:


Here's a flower for you



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I was right most of mine were naff but these aren't too bad.... none of poppies though so you'll have to put up with these instead.


Taken in May near St Thomas's Church


















and I took this at weekend... a cherry tree trunk



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Sorry Dizzy, I like how colourful the images are and like the textures on the tree bark. Are the tulips on someones grave? Number 1 is my favourite as I like the angle and composition and the way the petals seem almost transparent.


You still put most of your subjects dead centre which isn't wrong or bad it's just not always the best composition available.


Well you did ask :)

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PJ I'm ashmed to say that I have just looked at ALL the photo's I took of Walton Hall and the gardens and they too are ALL dead centre, infact all my pics are.


I wonder if it because I always 'half press' focus with the square box and that tends to pick things up near the centre so that has made my bad habit even worse?


Oooh dear... :oops:


If the sun comes out later I'll go and experiment 'in thirds' with the scarecrows in the village :D

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Dizzy, there's no need to feel bad about positioning your subjects in the middle, its up to you and there really is no right and wrong. I only pointed out the rule of thirds as an option or something to try for a change. I still take many centrally composed images as sometimes that's best for the pic but I do use the thirds rule a lot and almost always if there is a horizon in the shot.

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I do (for some reason ) seem to take and like things in the middle. Probably habit but I know what you are saying and have started to noticed that a lot of things I like looking at in magazines or the internet are indeed in 'thirds'. There's hope for me yet and I just need to get rid of my habit. :D


Thanks for your advice and when is the 'Warr WW walkabout taking pics' outing that I'm sure we all once talked about.


I could learn so much from you all (Obs and Lt K excluded) ... life's boring if you aren't learning stuff eh :wink:

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Sorry just a quick 'other persons eyes test'... but which one is the nicest (position wise) ?


I rather like the one that is not centred HURRAH :D


PS not bad either way considering I have always been scared stiff of bees and was only about three inches away from it ... Mr Altls pest man seems to have cured me of my phobia after telling me how nice they really are :oops::D





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:D:D Yeah.


So I'm undersanging and seeing things with better eyes now but I just need to sus out how to get my camera to focus off centre rather that me taking a centre shot then cropping it differently (which then reduces the size and not so good for printing.)


Cheers PJ :wink:

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You still need to centre your view over the point in the intended image that you wish to focus and expose to, half press the shutter and THEN compose the shot. Then fire. The camera will have recorded the settings required and then you move the subject to wherever you wish within the scene. Its late and I'm tired but I hope this helps.

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It's late... so am I ...so I'll read again tommorow but I think I understand.


I look at the bee centered, half press to focus and then move my camera to posistion little bee elsewhere in the shot (but presumably without moving my camera any further way or nearer as little buzzy wont be in focus) right ?


I'll have a play tomorrow, night night PJ and thanks :oops:


So where were we upto regarding your lovely poppies then... OOPS topic hijacked be me :unsure:

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