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A busy weekend


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Most weekends there is nothing on in Warrington and now we have the new calendar facility I've noticed that that a lot seem to be happening on the same weekend this week.


Is this bad planning or done for a reason ?


This weekend


Saturday... day 3 of Stockton Heath Festival, Warrington Classic Transport Show in town, day one of Chesire Steam Fair Daresbury (same thing which also has classic cars and other transport etc), Stockton Heath Walking Day


Sunday... day 4 of Stockton Heath Festival and also the huge Disability Awareness Day (DAD) at Walton Gardens. (celebrating it's 20th year this year) and of course Warrington Town footy clubs 'Cantilever Clean Up'.



Infact a lady fron DAD said they weren't happy that SH Festival keeps being arranged for the same weekend as theirs.


Can't help but think that if they had spead them all out over a few weekends they may get more people to each thing. There are only so many hours in a day.


Anything else on locally and what's the betting that it rains too.... I hope not for everyones sakes.

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The weekends getting busier by the minute :blink:


Also for Saturday.. from 3.30pm (music from 6pm)... a St Roccos event


Peninsula Baracks "Proms in the Park".. see calendar or local events section for more info

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flippin' heck.... just heard on local radio that there is a charity open air cinema on Birchwood carpark on Saturday night too(Mamma Mia).... admission £5 though OUCH !!


Stockton Heath's open air cinema is FREE on Friday night (Toy Story 3) :wink:


I'm starting to feel like an events manager now BUT WHY IS EVERYTHING THIS WEEKEND... which I think was my original question :lol:

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