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Private Firms to be paid to cut crime ?


Government Report on Crime - Early Intervention: Smart Investment, Massive Savings  

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  1. 1. Is the idea of the Government paying private firms to cut crime a good one? (News link below)

    • YES it is a good idea and would work
    • YES it is a good idea but I doubt it will work
    • NO it is a bad idea
    • I couldn't care less what they do
    • Other not listed
  2. 2. and do you like forum Polls ha ha

    • YES I like forum polls
    • NO I hate forum poles
    • neither but I never vote on them

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Good idea ot bad idea ??


From the news today.




The Government should pay private firms which help steer families away from crime and into work, a report says.


Labour MP Graham Allen has unveiled his second report - Early Intervention: Smart Investment, Massive Savings - which recommends tax-free savings schemes which could be used for projects that help the poor climb the social ladder......

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Thanks Dizzy,much better! :P


I read the article but it doesn't say how it would work. Private firms are only going to invest if they can guarantee some return. Are they suggesting providing employment for these 'on the path to drugs and crime'? Unless they can present themselves with a good CV, attitude and work ethic it's unlikely firms will want to employ them, as companies in the news have said this week. Too much of a liablility and a huge imposition on those who would have to work with them having obtained their jobs the hard way!

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Perhaps the genius who thought this one up, could take us through it, step by step and explain where the profit in it is? I believe they'll be paid (by Gov) on results IE placement of young doleys in a job - which seems a daunting prospect for the young chav who can't even read and write, and has been raised in a family enviroment of benefit dependency and where the work ethic is an alien concept? :unsure:

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