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Stockton Heath shooting incident


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In the old system of firearms training it was three shots. Two into the body and if they are still standing one aimed at the head, you had to get these off in about 3 seconds to pass. That was with a SM model 10 revolver These were from 10 up to 30 yards. With these new heckler kock guns I would think that they are much better. The double tap is still the best method of immobilising a person.

It is no use trying to shoot peoples arms and legs off when they a have a gun. Its all or nothing and you do not have a lot of time discuss it. Anyone who does not do exactly what they are told when faced with the ARV is very stupid. If someone had pointed a gun at me or a member of the public would have to hold themselves responsible for the action taken.

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Originally posted by Steve the original:

Have you any idea how hard it is to hit a small target like and arm? even from 5 meters you will be lucky to hit the arm maybe 1 in 100.



Do you think so? Really? Maybe it's just from being a country girl, but I can hit a coke can from a good 10 or 15 yards, maybe more. Of course, I haven't shot in a while, but it's a good skill to have if you live in the US. Unfortunately :( .
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What firearm?? i am talking about hitting a moving target knowing full well that an inch either way could kill,i have only ever seen one guy taken out whilst holding a hostage and that was a head shot from less than two feet with revolver and that was by a mexican Policeman.. remember you wont get a second shot in..




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I've shot hunting rifles and handguns, but I'm best with a handgun. I've had a few. I sold my 380 just before I moved here. All the men in my family hunt deer and ducks and I learned at an early age to handle guns. As a teen, we used to shoot cans in the backyard. Remember, folks, I lived in the country, my backyard was the woods of the Great Dismal Swamp, so there was no chance of hitting anyone with ricochet. The US military tried their hardest to recruite me, but alas, I'm actually a very girly girl, so I wouldn't sign up.

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From Wednesday's WW News page


Woman brandished gun in shopping centre

by David Skentelbery



A WOMAN was rugby-tackled by a police officer after brandishing a handgun in a shopping centre at Warrington.

The 32-year-old is now in hospital under guard following the incident at The Forge shopping centre in London Road, Stockton Heath.

She is believed to have been in an agitated state prior to the incident and also suffered minor injuries during her arrest.

But police denied reports that a shot was fired - or that armed officers were involved in the arrest.

A spokesman said: "An armed response unit was on its way to the scene but the incident had been concluded before they reached the scene.

"The gun is believed to be an air pistol, although it is being examined by experts."

Police were called to The Forge on Monday afternoon following reports that a woman was brandishing a handgun in the shopping centre.

There was a brief chase before the woman was brought to the ground by a rugby-style tackle.

There were no injuries to police officers or members of the public.

The woman was arrested on suspicion of having a firearm in a public place.

Other reports also said:


Eyewitnesses saw the 32-year-old leave Stockton Heath Medical Centre around 4.30pm before she confronted the police.


Around 4.45pm the woman was seen pointing the gun at a policewoman in the Forge Shopping Centre car park. She was then chased down to London Road.


But nothing has been mentioned about it since so don't know if she got charged :confused:

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