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What on Earth...?


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What on Earth was a close friend of the Prime Minister, chairman of a local Tory Association and man of 56, doing at the Glastonbury Festival?


I wonder how many of the acts fall into that category, apart from chairman of a local tory association that is.:shock:

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Silver Lady


I know perfectly well anyone can go - I am simply incredulous that this guy would want to!



PS Didn't the guy know the Rooneys would be there!


Perhaps that's why he wanted to go!! It seems that you make a lot of assumptions about what people are likely to want to do and who they would or wouldn't want to be seen with! It takes all sorts to make our world and tolerance is a virtue! :rolleyes: .

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I have to agree with what others have already said Adam especially Silverlady's latest comment.


I know you detest certain types of music and that is your choice... but that's just the point... it is choice and everyone is entitled to enjoy whatever they like regardless of age or anything really.


Me well I've never fancied Glastonbury, Creamfields or any other festival but for no particular reason other than 'its not really me'


But having looked on the G's and C's websites today they did actually look really good so maybe next year just to 'see' :D


One thing you do seem to omit to mention in your criticism of this gent though Adam is that this chap actually died....


So why he went, whether he actually liked that sort of music or not, whether he just went because he was given a VIP ticket and everything else you mention seems to fall into total insignificance really considering. :|

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He went because his wife wanted to go. Good on him for that. Allegedly he had a big heart attack which could have happened any time.


Adam, lighten up. It could have happened anywhere.


Personally I think they are mad. But they enjoy it and are doing no-one any harm at all, apart from the traffic inconvenience.

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