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Plan to Name and Shame


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Photographs of hundreds of thousands of criminals could be published online as part of plans to expand "crime maps" in England and Wales.


Home Officer Minister Nick Herbert is backing the idea, which he claims will help to reduce crime and boost public confidence in the justice system.


He told Sky News: "We want to put this information in the hands of the people because justice must be seen to be done.


"There has to be a presumption of transparency. If there isn't this transparency then how do we hold the criminal justice system to account?"



West Yorkshire Police is currently running a pilot scheme called "In the Dock" to test the proposal.


Members of the public can log on to the force's website and find details of recent convictions in their local area.


What do you think of this??

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Initial thought is a brilliant idea... but then I guess there could be instances where showing the offenders image and making them 'public' could cause trouble depending on what they had actually done.


For things like drink driving, thefts and the like then YES without a doubt.


But for things like attacks, or anything that involves violence or injury to others etc etc then I''m not actually too sure.


Yes they too should probably be named and shamed but if someone hurt a member of my family in any way and I saw their mugshot on a crime page then if I saw them in the street at a later date I'd probably find myself being locked up too :shock::oops:


Tricky one.

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Not if they know all they have to do is to refuse and not give their consent though :|


How many do you recon will actually say 'yes' ? Unless of course they will get reduced sentences and/or extra privilages by consenting.


The consent part sort of makes a bit of a nonsence of it all really in my opinion.

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