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Do you support your local Parks and Park Rangers?

Geoff Settle

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As you know I have been banging on about litter, fires in bins, fly tipping, graffitti etc that occur in our local Parks for many years on this site and written letter to the WG.


Take a few examples the park behind the new Hilden Park estate. A year or so back it was covered in polystyrene and breeze blocks that the kids had stolen from Crudens, the cunning beast had cut through the barbed wire and stolen about 200 breeze blocks. I threw the light stuff back over the high fence, it took hours. I had to persuade WBC to come and remove the pile blocks, they were very reluctant as it wasn?t rubbish! Not only was it in the park but it was also in the brook.


In Enfield Park I regularly pick up cans of larger by the Duck Pond, next to the bin. The drinkers have recently been moved on thanks to the PCSOs, but unfortunately for me they have taken up residents across the road in a lovely Woodland Trust coppice. I have got the red spray paint and other graffiti removed and all the lights fixed. Mick Curran got new equipment for the play area installed but some of it was torched along with the litter bins but they have been removed. I reported the path number 20 on my Path Warden map as being unfit 2 years ago and this is on Mr Dutton?s list to do when funds are available! This is a path used by children and OAPs do they have to fall over, hurt themselves and sue before something is done! Apart from that the park is looking good and natural, especially the Duck Pond that was services by the Park Rangers (Melanie) ten years ago. It is now in its natural state.


On Peel Hall Park, I?ve dragged bikes out of the ponds, picked up litter, especially the stolen BET FRED leaflets that were scattered on the paths, the smashed wooden rails have been replaced and I have planted bulbs with the Park Rangers - STOP


Where have the Park Rangers gone - surplus to requirements - banished from Woolston Park (where I learnt how to lay and maintain paths in the Friends of Woolston Gardens), gone from Enfield Park where we built natural hedges out to larch trees (they are really well established now). So as you can see I?m not alone and there are others who care.


Please please bring back the Park Wardens, they know what they are doing and do it well.


What?s happening in a park near you?


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I agree wholeheartedly. At the moment due to budget cuts there are approx 14 rangers covering all the parks and green spaces in Warrington!!!!!!!!!!(and there are too many of them to count.) My daughter is one of those (they are now called Area Rangers and are responsible for as you can guess an area not just 1 park. Their job is made almost impossible by anti social behaviour and as a result they spend so much time dealing with issues the police or PCSOs should deal with but wont because they are too busy that they have very little time to deal with the issues they are employed to deal with i.e. conservation, management and enabling the parks to be used and enjoyed by ALL.


Sorry feel quite strongly about it as have spent the last 2 years hearing about what she has to deal with on a day to day basis

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High AM - can you ask if she can assist me with a few pointers to do with a small school pond. Currently it is fenced off but we want to open it up and protect the children from falling in.


I believe that there is a special covering that can be placed over the surface which will support a person when they walk across. I think they have one at St Bridget?s Primary School so if all else fails I will call in there. But it?s the other issues like pond life, flora and fauna. We want to ensure a good sustainable environment.


I know that Melanie used to be the expert but she has moved onto another department. Any help pointers etc would be greatly appreciated.


If she can help just send me a PM.

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In bewteen rain showers I spent time on the small pool in my garden, It was in such a state that I had to burry the last fish.


I think the large number of leaves that had blown in of late had the effect of stopping the fish from swimming and therefore starved them of oxygen. :confused:


Another reason why I need expert help with the school pond.


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Geoff - the park rangers were cut back by the former council administration.

A number of events have been put back on which can be viewed on our whats on in the parks page.

But there is still a big shortfall in the number of rangers and ranger events to get things back to the good old days. But with the council budget facing a big shortfall I don't know where the funding will come from.

Perhaps the council should look at ways of getting volunteers more involved to make use of our green spaces - co-ordinated by the few remaining rangers.


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Gary I know that the rangers service has been cut-back over the years regardless of what administration is in place.


I have had several letters published in arguing against their demise over the last decade but all council leaders have seen them as a soft target. :onfire:


They simply don't appreciate the calibre and expertise. A very narrow minded view in my opinion.

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