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Well what a suprise....


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Seems now that he has been caught, Ryan Cleary the kid accused of hacking into all sorts of government computer systems, suddenly now has a "syndrome" to help his defence...... he has aspergers allegedly!


Naughty boy doesn't want to be taken to the nasty American FBI's and be made to answer for his naughtiness!!


Funny how these people who can do amazing things with computers all seem to have a syndrome when they get caught....


Send him to the Yanks and let that be the end of his meddling in stuff he shouldn't be meddling with!

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Aspergers syndorome is a milder form of autism and often goes undiagnosed as it often causes no real problems. What I find odd is that he has ONLY been diagnosed with it since being arrested and subsequently assessed by a psychologist.


Considering the trouble he is in and the possible lengthy sentence he may face even I could con a psychologist into thinking I had certain medical problems which may have made me act in an uncharacteristic way.


Some of the symptoms of Aspergers are listed in the link below but most sound very similar to those seen in many teenagers to me... and a lot of adults too ..... ie "Appearing insensitive to the feelings or views of the listener. Continually talking, unaware of the listener's interest. Appearing over-precise in what they say. Taking comments literally (for example, misunderstanding jokes, metaphors or colloquialisms)."




So how do they diagnose people with Aspergers and how long does it usually take?


Any why was he granted bail but now objestors are saying NO because of his diagnosis ?


He has already been reported as being of high intelligence and there's no dount that he must be to have done what he allegidley has done but then autistic kids do often excel in certain fields as their minds work like computers in some instances but then they can not cope with normal life experiences.


He is also now reported as being agoraphobic, of high intelligence but has difficulty interacting with other people, has this only just come to light too?


Surely there must be something on his past medical records as I know if my teenage son was agraphobic, had difficutly interacting blah blah blah I would have consulted a doctor at some stage, wouldn't you? Maybe they did though and he was never diagnosed.


Whatever... he's right up the creek without a paddle now unless his solicitors life raft works :wink:

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His history seems to suggest that once he left full time education, some of which was at a special school, he was completely unsupported, his mother could do nothing with him and seems to have allowed him to dictate what happened in the house. I read that his teachers suggested he do a college course in computers because they recognised his ability and high intelligence, but he seems to have disappeared into his own world at that point, and no-one bothered to find out what had happened to him! It sounds as if he was displaying behaviour typical of Asperger's, so why was he never assessed properly? A very sad state of affairs.

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From what you say SL then clearly the 'system' as a whole and his mother have failed him. Infact more so his mother as if she wasn't shouting for help for him then who else would.


Had he received help and had a diagnosis earlier in life then maybe he would have not finished up a virtual recluse.


They are saying that they are worried that he may commit suicide being away from his bedroom and computers so to me it sounds like he has been living virtually locked up anyway but with no restraints other than his own mind.


If all the press hype and indeed psycological reports are actually true then I feel sorry for him. I am not excusing what he has allegidely done, but knowing that he had such abilities and interest and also 'knowing' that he was clearly suffering from 'something' then somebody somewhere could have his channeled all this and helped him.


To be 19 and to be living a life like that (if, like I say it is all true) is rather sad and no wonder he joined friends with a cyber group. They may have been his only form of 'human' contact.


The group behind it initially said they were only using his as a server (well his pc anyway) and he wan't really part of them.


So have they been tracked down and arrested too then as there's no mention of them anymore.

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