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loud bangs last night

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I just asked my two and they got home about 10 mins before then and I was still on here and they didn't hear anything either. Strange cos Algy's not that far away from me.


Saying that they were so loud when they got in after the excitement of the rugby match that they would have drowned a sonic bang out.


I'll ask around anyway to see if anyone else heard it as I'm intrigued :shock:

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I heard them and thought it might have been gullivers world as I live not far from there but did not see any of the usual flashes in the cloud. Did note that there were a few sirens heading in the direction of bewsey around that time or maybe just after. Spotted two Police cars screaming in that direction as well this morning.

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Silverlady... you have got me worried that I may be deaf now as you are not far from me either. Someone else I spoke to said they thought they heard fireworks too so that's sounding like the most likely explanation.


The loud boom/explosion could have been one of those sonic bang fireworks (the sort that are only supposed to be used at displays but people manage to get hold of anyway). They are sooooooo very loud and you can hear them from a long way away and even feel them if you are close enough (speaking from certain experience) :shock::lol:

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That's odd.... you say 'rumbling' and I did hear a loud and continuous distant rumling noise the other night when I was going to bed but it wasn't like the 'bangs' and 'explosion sounds' that lisamelanie2 mentioned.


It was around a similar time or a little later and I 'think' it was Thursday night. It was a very odd lound sound. I thought it that maybe there were some strange night time drilling works going on somewhere or a large 'something or other' travelling past on a canal or train line and I never really gave it another thought and went to sleep.


I wonder if my memery is playing tricks on me and I actually heard it last night and not Thursday... :oops::blink:

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